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Howdy, I'm Meg

a good dose of completely putting it off, tweaking minor things constantly because it never feels quite right or wondering why in real life it doesn’t look how it does when you imaged it in your head.

You started your business out of the passion of doing what you love and serving people in a way only you can. You didn’t start your business to spend hours trying to figure out how to stand out from everyone else in your industry, design a conversion-focused website or have a magnetic brand. But I did.

If I had to guess about how you’re feeling about trying to design your own brand and website it would include...

"Working with Tenth House Creative changed the trajectory of my business entirely."

Working through the questionnaires and branding reflections really made me dig deep and put to words what exactly my values are, and where I want to take it. They were items I never took the time to answer or to understand for myself. I feel way more confident in how I am showing up as a business owner, as well as the message that I want CellarDoor to tell. It made me level up, and I feel like I have the visual resources to back it up now too.

Renee, Cellardoor Photography

"She captured both me and my business perfectly so everyone should go to her!"

Before working with Meg, branding wise it was very diy and just trying my best to make it work, but really just winging it. which wasn't getting me my ideal client or work that actually made me excited. Now I feel like I have such a clear direction on where I want to go and what I want to shoot plus the branding to get my those clients!  Meg is amazing and truly gave me exactly what I was looking for!

Jada Reimer Photography

Now that you've seen whats possible, ready for your brand to be next?