Cellar Door Photography

Renee is a documentary style wedding and life style photographer. Her passion is capturing the authentic and in-between moments of her clients life that make up their story. 

Renee was finally in a place in her business where she knew she couldn't do everything on her own anymore. She needed a website that did the heavy lifting for her so she could focus more on what she does best, capturing peoples love through imagery.

Web Design


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We started with a strategy call

During the strategy call we got really deep on who Renee's dream clients were, the kind of culture and relationships she wanted to form through her business, what her clients experience is and what her business goals are. We then designed her a website that is an extension of herself and feels like home for her brand. 

For each page of her website we made a specific goals for each page and used design psychology to make her site easy to use and draw in her dream clients! The results? With in 2 days of launching her site she made her investment back. With in one month of launching her website she had to close her books because she was getting too many inquiries! 

working with Tenth House Creative changed the trajectory of my business entirely. Working through the questionnaires and branding reflections really made me dig deep and put to words what exactly my values are, and where I want to take it. They were items I never took the time to answer or to understand for myself. I feel way more confident in how I am showing up as a business owner, as well as the message that I want CellarDoor to tell. It made me level up, and I feel like I have the visual resources to back it up now too. I feel like I have a foothold in market share for my industry, because I finally found the door and hung up the sign so people can find me easily. Working with Meg was the missing piece of my business, and I feel so rejuvenated and ready to take it further now that I have a clear path of where it needs to go. Meg you are SO good at what you do, I can't say it enough.

Renee, Cellar Door Photography