Welcome to My Home on the internet

Kick off your shoes, grab a chair, your fav drink & let's get to know each other

Hey There! I'm Meg

Hopeless romantic, chronic bubly drinker, dog mom, lavender obsessed, Multi-passionate, old soul

I believe that your brand isn't meant to confine you. As a multi-passionate creative you need a brand that will evolve with you and give you the freedom to explore all your passions. It should feel like home and an extension of yourself. 

I take a unique approach to branding and design to create a multi-dimensional brand for your business that creates a culture, grows your community and allows you to show up as your most authentic self. 



My Story

My entire life as been a dichotomy between science and art. I passionately love both things. I went to university for animal bioscience and graphic design, so if that doesn't sum it up I don't know what does. 

I knew from a young age I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives but also wanted to live life on my own terms. It wasn't until I discovered branding and web design that I was able to do all of that while blending my love of science and art. Now I get to help other creatives live out their dreams, feel confident in their business and show up as the most authentic version of them selves online through design.

What Tenth House is About

Slow Mornings
Hand written love notes
Exploring new places
Following your dreams
Community over competition
Folk music in the mountains

What Tenth House Isn't About

Hustle Culture
Artificial plants
Trying to be someone else
Band-aid fixes

Get To Know Me

WHAt i'm loving

Movement before working. Having date night every Wednesday.  Romantizing the little things. Becoming my own idol. Creating for the sake of creating. Bring beautiful personality filled brands and websites into existance.

WHAt i'm learning

How to be one with the unexpected. Releasing the need to people please. How to balance life and work (always a work in progress). Be more present in the little moments.

WHAt i'm Not about

Following trends or creating designs that aren't centred around you and your community. Running, period.

WHAt i believe

There's no problem that a strong brand strategy can't fix in business, whether it's wanting to grow your community, stand out, gain visibility or just feel more confident. The people you surround yourself with matters.  The best brands come from collaboration, you know your brand best, I'm here to help bring your vision to life.

Ready to have a brand & website that feels like home?

Tenth House works with photographers who are ready for a brand that tells their story, shares their personality, sets them apart and allows them to show up authentically