Ninth Ave Studios

Kayla is a quirky adventure seeker and hopeless romantic who always has a camera in her hand. Her style is timeless, yet quirky and full of personality. As her studio grew she wanted to rebrand under a different name and have a brand identity that showed her personality but was also elevated, representing what it's like working with her.

Brand Essentials


We started with a strategy call

During my strategy call with Kayla, we went over her business goals of wanting to elevate her branding to attract more creative wedding and elopement clients, growing her business to expand into hiring associates and wanting a visual identity that represented the shifts she had made in her business and client experience. 

Together we brainstormed a new name that had a deeper meaning and felt more aligned to her brand. Through lots of collaborating and back and forth we created the perfect blend of quirky, yet elevated design to show all sides of her personality. 

Branding done by Tenth House Creative
Web Design done by Maggie Murray Creative