Marni Sclaroff is a life coach, writer, artist and spiritual teacher who brings a lifelong passion for living a creative and purposeful life to people all over the world. As her brand evolved from teaching yoga classes and yoga instructors she found that not only did she need new branding images but she needed enough to provide continuous content on her website and social media. And these branding images needed to reflect her evolution into life coaching, writing and that of a higher level spiritual teacher.

When you work with me one of the first things you get is a comprehensive questionnaire that gets you dig deep into yourself. Because, let’s face it, as an entrepreneur, YOU are the face of your brand. So who you are personally absolutely plays into this. The answers you find inform me of how to proceed with your session.

Then you and I collaborate. It’s always a creative collaboration because you are very much involved in this process.

Before every session we create the container for that collaboration by grounding and centering for just a minute and clearing ourselves energetically. This is very powerful and allows our creativity to expand! Then we rock n roll with some photos.

Marni wanted simplicity in background. She wanted people to see that she is joyful, vibrantly healthy, classy, edgy, elegant, modern, stylish and wildly creative. And throughout her session I asked her to embody these different qualities. To express them using her body.

Here are just a handful of images from Marni’s session! And by handful, I mean a ton!

Marni’s session is a case study on several fronts — getting a lot of images for broad content use efficiently, using one location for a variety of looks and scenes, keeping things simple with backgrounds, embodying your brand, to name a few.

Check out how Marni has been using her new images on her Instagram, Facebook and her website.

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Are you ready to up-level your visibility? Are you ready to be seen and offer the world your gifts? Then let’s chat. Because my service is to visually communicate your value to the world!