Late Bloomers Designs creates custom jewelry and photography products. Prior to 2020, you would find Late Bloomers at arts & crafts festivals as well as in brick and mortar boutiques.

Then Covid hit and arts & crafts festivals were cancelled with no indication of when they might return. And, of course, brick and mortar boutiques closed,  some that would not reopen.

So this artist decided it was time to go online! Special thanks to Heard, for the referral. You guys, I cannot stress business relationships and fostering and nurturing them enough!

I assisted Late Bloomers with securing a new domain name and website hosting as well as what sort of online store would work best. We decided on Woo-Commerce for its robust features and flexibility.

Late Bloomers wanted website visitors to be get a good idea of the variety of custom jewelry she is offering as well as the vast collection of images for her photography products that include cards, coasters and trivets.

This website project included:

  • Assistance with securing domain registration and website hosting;
  • Woo Commerce configuration for simple and variable products with conditions for sets of products
  • Custom built pages including storefront, cart and checkout
  • Training for client to manage the store and simple content changes

We launched Late Bloomers Designs in early December and are thrilled that orders are coming in.