Another step in creating a magical brand is to find your voice and create some visuals.

It’s good to know who you are talking to or who you want to attract first  — in other words, who is your ideal client.

When I created Tenth House Creative, I knew I wanted to be working with Entrepreneurial Empaths and Heart Centered Businesses. I knew I wanted to help yoga and meditation teachers, holistic wellness practitioners and other esoteric arts professionals like astrologers, mediums, intuitives, etc… be visible and share their value.

So the way I communicate both verbally (or written) and visually needs to resonate with this audience.

For the voice part, I am just myself! I write the same way I speak. I want to be friendly, informative and empowering. Not domineering or overpowering or in your face. And yes, there are people that want the latter. They might need that type of voice to motivate them to action. But that’s not me.

I also want my voice to be nurturing and inspiring, for people to feel like I care and can help them through the overwhelming process of creating their brand or website or photographs so their experience is full of ease. And I also want my voice to be confident so people know they can trust me and what I’m doing for them.

For the visuals piece, again, think about what might attract your people. The visuals I’ve created and used for Tenth House Creative are meant to show magic, synergy, natural attraction and manifestation, and that all things are possible. I wanted graphics, photos, colors and fonts that speak to all of this.

A great way to start this for yourself is to create a Pinterest board for your brand and just start pinning. Search the values you’ve identified, search the style you’re going for, search the type of business you have and pin whatever resonates with you and what you think might resonate with your ideal client. Then sit back a notice the patterns. You’ll start to see repeating color palettes, graphics, imagery, words, fonts, etc… Then narrow things down from there.

Now you know what colors, fonts, graphics, photos and website layouts appeal to you and your ideal client.

If you’re up for creating your own logo or other graphics I highly recommend checking out Creative Market! Again search on the style you’re looking for — like esoteric logo, or feminine fonts, or bold graphics — and so many options will come up. Canva is a great tool for creating your logo and graphics.

Or if you just don’t want to DIY, contact me and let’s chat about your needs! I do free visual/website audits and can help clarify what’s working, what isn’t and what would take you to the next level!

The bottom line is, in today’s online world, we have to be more visible. And we want to come across as the authority and expert that we are. With milliseconds to get that across, your visuals play a huge role in getting a prospective client to stop and then read your amazing content. So spend some time getting clear and strategic with your voice and visuals!